Queen Diary - day by day

••• 26 January
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1977 : Queen live with A Day At The Races Tour at Forum, Montreal, Canada. Queens ex-producer Roy Thomas Baker and Ian Hunter from Mott The Hoople were among their guests, [38 years]
1979 : Queen live with Jazz tour at Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium. [36 years]
1979 : Queen released 12th single in UK Don't Stop Me Now (with In Only Seven Days on b-side), which reached 9th position in UK charts, Song had quite positive reviews - nothing ordinary for Queen. [36 years] http://qph.queensongs.info/singles/q13dsmn.php
1995 : Roger live at Teatro Metropolitan, Catania, Italy. [20 years]
2004 : Brian and Roger attended a Pepsi Night at The Dominion Theatre, London, UK. The Pepsi advert recorded in Rome on 26th September 2003 features Britney Spears, Pink and Beyonce. [11 years] http://youtube.com/watch?v=SkELRp4wKPs http://youtube.com/watch?v=tvdfMPU-aDE
2005 : Roger was on the phone with David Jensen on Capital Gold radio talking about forthcoming tour of Queen+PR, London, UK. [10 years]

••• 27 January (Today)
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1968 : The Opposition live at Country Arms, Blaby, UK. [47 years]
1976 : Queen started A Night At The Opera Tour - their third US tour at Palace Theatre, Waterbury, USA. [39 years] http://www.queenconcerts.com/index.php?section=concerts&action=tour&who=queen&tour=anato http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYXvd8OH6KQ
1979 : Queen live performing 2nd show at Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium. Next day a video for Don't Stop Me Now was filmed, directed by Jorgan Kliebenst. Video has been released on Greatest Video Hits 1 DVD. Shoots show Queen playing on evidenlty smaller stage than during the proper concert. [36 years]
••• 28 January
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1967 : The Reaction live at Guildhall, St. Ives, UK. [48 years]
1967 : John's The Opposition live performing their first concert with new name at Road Casino, Leicester, London. [48 years]
1972 : Queen live at College, Bedford, UK, on a gig managed by John. Only six listeners attended. [43 years]
1974 : Queen flew to Austalia for the first time to play two shows on music festival. Brian had big problems with his arm after vaccinations and all around Queen didn't make success here. [41 years]
1977 : Queen live at Chicago, USA, on A Day At The Races Tour. [38 years]
1996 : Brian joined Status Quo on stage during Raining In My Heart at Brixton Academy, London, UK. Later it was released on CD/VHS Don't Stop. [19 years] http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000DG5NO/qid=1115361567/sr=1-30/ref=sr_1_2_30/202-1618480-8299807
2002 : Brian, Roger and Jim Beach attended special benefit performance of Boy George's Taboo Musical for The Mercury Phoenix Trust and Child Welfare Society. [13 years] http://www.t101.com/sites/taboo/taboo.htm